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Shana and Dervin are two divorced parents and successfully in their own businesses.
Shana has built her life around her daughter and her creative design studio. She wasn’t looking for romance, but her heart was longing. 
Dervin was satisfied with his mortuary and taking care of his daughter. Although he was currently dating, he was fine and not looking for a commitment.
After a meeting at a local establishment in Gainesville Florida, their lives would forever be changed. The passion, that has been awakened in the both of them, will carry them to heights and unknown. Secret desires will be answered and the love from a soul mate will embrace them both.
What happens when his ex comes into the picture and secrets are revealed? Will they have enough love to stand the test?
Get ready for the ride into destiny.



The Gibdon’s are back and they are hotter than ever. More secrets, mad ex’s and angry children will bring more flair to this romantic tale.
Whoever said that Soul Mate love is all roses and no thrones were wrong. 
Dervin thought that moving would solve his problems, but instead, he finds out that running never solves anything. Now he has an upset wife who will do whatever it takes to defend her family. When things go up in flames will it push Shana to walk away from her marriage or will she stand beside her husband?
Shana and Dervin will learn the art of Trust for one another. Dervin learns that his easy-going wife has a dark side. And Shana realizes that her husband is passive because he is fighting not to be the man he once was.
These two will learn what true love really is when they walk through the fire together. Let’s hope that they won’t get burned in the Inferno.



It was love from the beginning, which has set the course that we are on now. 
The questions now arise:
How can one without a heart or soul love enough to put their immortality on the line, for people who 
would have them dead if the chance was given?
Is it true that love covers a multitude of sins?
Let’s follow Queen Lirit and Protector Serge as they lead General Anthony and Psychic Netasha Fabien into a fight for humanity. Can these four Haitian immortals that have taken an oath to protect humanity from the hands of the ‘Oralucians’ save us?



Growing up in the country town of Beaufort, S.C. Tomia lived a lonely childhood. No one understood the gift that she possessed so she always longed for a meaningful relationship. After her Granny B passed she only had her father and two aunts to care for her and shelter the gift that she carried. Now the FBI wants to enlist her services to help them with a secret task force led by Director Dwayne Harris. When Tomia goes to the interview her life and Harris’ life changes forever. Harris is not your average FBI agent, don’t let his handsome exterior fool you. Now Tomia has to put her gifts to work in order to save the man that she has grown to love. What role will special agent Hughes play in all of this? Betrayal, Love, and Jealousy will force the both of them to make decisions that will impact their futures forever. Peter the Native American keeper and Sadina the watcher has a secret as well but they can’t say anything until the time is right. Who knew that one touch could be the difference between life and death. Come with me as we tell this shifter’s tale and jump into the world of the supernatural.



Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you gave your heart, only to come up with heartbreak? Follow Nia a successful woman who falls for a Soldier Joe. He wanted to love her but he was torn between loving her and doing what he knew was right. Only if he had been honest from the beginning then things would not have taken such a turn for the worst.
What happens when your heart is crushed so badly from events that leave you so venerable for your mind to snap? Nia found out that no matter your education level and all that you have it doesn’t stop you from being hurt.
Hakeim had always been there for Nia and he would never turn his back on her. His feelings for her were deeper than he could express. He was going to be there for her through her pain and let her see that he could be what she needed.
Find out what happens when one's heart is betrayed and you find yourself fighting the demons and the evil of a broken heart. Queen of Spades is sure to be a book of twist and turns that will leave you breathless. Come take a look at the dark side of love.



Find out what happens when Karma calls. She doesn’t always play fair, nor does she need any help in her dealings.
Joe didn’t know how much he wanted Nia until she walked away from him after being heartbroken in their relationship.
He thought he was doing the right thing by trying to work things out with his estranged wife Lisa. Only he found out that he couldn’t let Nia go. When Nia starts dating her best friend Hakeim, it throws Joe over the edge and he only wants revenge.
Hakeim's disdain for Joe and his need to throw his relationship with Nia in Joe’s face, cause the soldier to snap and the King of Hearts emerges. Putting Nia and Lisa in a fight for their lives.
Nia and Lisa aren't innocent either, they have their part in all of this as well.
The vicious cycle of deception and the need for revenge takes these four people on a mental rollercoaster, the question is who will come back sane and who will be lost in mental anguish forever.

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Trump Tight is the finale to the three-part Royal Karma Series. It is written in the view of Dr. Stephanie Cocker.
Who said that pain doesn’t run deep? Let’s go into the past to find out what has caused the lives of Nia, Hakeim, Joe, Lisa and new to the scene LaMonica or should we call her Ivy, to spiral into the tornado’s that the are fighting with. 
You are about to embark on a journey of twist and turns of mental torture that will have you thinking differently about love or the lack there of.
A Broken Heart is not to be compared to a Broken Soul. Each of these people has gone through so much pain in their lives and that pain has left them hurt and out of control.
Karma went on vacation and left Ivy in charge, now she wants nothing but blood. They are about to find that a Trump Tight always wins. Will the King finally call checkmate? Will the Queen of Spades come back or can Nia fight the urge to have her resurface? Let the cards fall they may.



Agent Chastity Chambers and ReShaun Debose’s world’s collided when she was on an assignment in Miami FL, following a case of murder and mayhem that could take her career to the next level. Little did this 39-year-old FBI agent know that a 24-year-old Fine arts thief would turn her life upside down and inside out.
ReShaun is used to getting his way and found a conquest for information from her. Little did he know that this older woman was beyond his league. Chastity had her suspicions’ about ReShaun from the moment she met him but his smooth nature took her for a loop in all sense of the word. Now, they have to ask themselves if they can trust one another when their worlds are thrown off balance by jealousy and revenge. Can she trust him to help her like he promised and can he trust her not to put him in prison is the questions these two face and ex-lovers threaten to derail them and they find out they only have one another.
Everything isn’t what it seems and you can’t believe any of what you see and zero of what you hear in this young man-older woman romance. Find out who man’s up, when a man is down


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