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ANOSHI is my pseudo name.... I am native of Beaufort, S.C. I have always loved making up stories.  I started writing poetry as a young child which was my outlet in conquering different adversities in my life.  It wasn’t until my service in the Army and my first deployment to Bosnia that I began writing short stories as a way to pass-time away. I felt my writings could take me to a different time and place and that I could become and do anything that my mind could conceive.From that point, my love for fictional romance began to expound.  I take my personal experiences with love, heartbreak and finding that special person and use them as a key element in my creative writings.  I believe that nothing can be written without having parts of the writer in it.I want my readers to relate and connect to me personally as if they walked with me every day. I want everyone to become part of my, “Writer’s Soul”.  Only then can they understand my passion for life and love.  I write romance, psychological suspense, paranormal romance, Crime Romance, and Psychological Horror.  I also write poems and short stories that related to the drama of finding and conquering that awesome love.  I am ready to share my imagination in love and romance with you.Get ready for your imagination to go wild.  Welcome to the world of Queen ANOSHI!


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